ProReal packs an emotional punch – this will make a real difference to our work.
Consultant Child Psychiatrist

Health and wellbeing

Helping clients to make their difficult experiences more accessible and supporting resilience and recovery

Take a look at these case studies:

…I didn’t recognise why I was losing my temper. Then I used the software and then it just helped me put my finger on it and just recognise what it was…
Male, age 14
Student who took part in our study

ProReal use in school counselling is associated with reductions in psychological distress

ProReal Ltd’s SBRI Phase 2 Research Project. This short film summaries the evaluation design and findings and includes a review of a session between counsellor and client.

ProReal - The Story To Tell

Exploration of how the ProReal software can be used to create a visual representation of a situation which, through the use of avatars and props and different perspectives, can help to tell a story.

Self-Compassion in ProReal

Extract showing an example of a self-compassion protocol in the ProReal virtual world.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and learnt a lot. I think it will be especially useful when dealing with young people to introduce perhaps a compassionate avatar as lots of the young people I see have no compassion for themselves.
School Counsellor

Compassion Webinar: Part I (concepts & research)

Part 1 of the ProReal webinar Avatars & Compassion hosted by Dr Caroline J Falconer on 5th Feb 2016, in which she discusses concepts from Paul Gilbert’s Compassion Focused Therapy and the research that shows how avatars and virtual reality can support this work.

It would be great to have a virtual reality booth with self-compassion instructions on every street corner!
Webinar Participant

Compassion Webinar: Part II (ProReal Live Demonstration)

Part 2 of the ProReal webinar Avatars & Compassion held on 5th Feb 2016 featuring a live, facilitated session where a client explores how avatars and features of the ProReal software can be used to highlight aspects of the self and cultivate a compassionate mind.

Attendees experienced increases in compassion and self-compassion and a reduction in self-criticism at the end of the webinar.

Avatars and the Self Webinar: Part I (concepts & research)

In this webinar Professor Tatiana Bachkirova sets out her non-traditional and challenging views on the nature of the ‘self’ and personal development. Tatiana highlights key ideas from her latest book “Developmental Coaching: working with the self”.

Avatars and the Self Webinar: Part II (Live Demonstration)

This is a part of Avatars and the Self webinar with professor Tatiana Bachkirova. This part is the ProReal software live demonstration – Coaching session with voluntary client. After the demo there is a Q&A session and review of the process.

Remote coaching session with ProReal

Extract of a remote coaching session between a client (based in Poland) and facilitator or coach (based in the UK), demonstrating how they interact with the software and communicate to bring clarity to a situation.