• ProReal packs an emotional punch – this will make a real difference to our work.
    Consultant Child Psychiatrist
  • As an adjunct to our clinical practice, I can see how ProReal will support the recovery process for many clients – for example, with affect regulation and the capacity for mentalisation
    Consultant Child Psychiatrist
    NHS Trust
  • The value in ProReal is that it offers a visual representation of a metaphorical, descriptive technique which elucidates problems in a way which is hard to represent in other ways. The advantage of being able to create the landscape is that you can think about people and issues individually and also view them both as a dynamic system and from different perspectives from within that system.
    Dr Jane Pollock, BSc (Hons), PhD, MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS
    Chartered Psychologist specialising in Occupational & Organisational Psychology
  • I have used ProReal with different children between the ages of 11 – 13 with differing emotional needs. It works well alongside the therapeutic task and plan for each of the young people. In particular it is effective with those children who feel overwhelmed by many uncontrolled feelings and, with ProReal, can be guided to have some distance from their overwhelming feelings and focus on making their internal experience externally seen without the use of words.
    John Kearney
    Director, Tumblewood Community
  • Evaluation of ProReal avatar-based therapy in offender mental health setting
    The study demonstrated ProReal’s capacity to elicit emotional responses and initiate further cognitive processing. There were preliminary indications that the intervention was associated with reductions in psychological distress and with positive improvements in wellbeing.
    Participants rated the overall intervention as helpful (7.5 out of 10) and reported enhanced levels of self-expression, new insights, development of empathy, and stronger relationships. The technology achieved a ‘Good’ rating (72.5%) on the system usability scale.
    Metanoia Institute & University of Roehampton study, 2014
  • Just what I wanted, what I wanted to express...that’s why I’m here because I had difficulty in doing that...
  • The visualization was a catalyst for an open discussion. ProReal helped us understand and see where we are.
    Mariusz Kondraciuk
    SIEMENS Energy Management, Poland
  • When we saw ProReal for the first time, we knew this would add significant value for clients.
    Philip Mix
    Managing Director, Ashridge Consulting
  • I think this is a really cool development and I’m very excited about how my organisation will use this. If only “saving” the real world was this simple!
    Johan Fizgal
    European Transformation Leader, Global Technology Company
  • With ProReal we were able to model the customer landscape as a team, and modify it as it changed over the term of the engagement, with remarkable clarity and insight. ProReal is the only tool I am aware of that enables a team to unite in a clear understanding of the environment in which they are operating. It offers a significant advantage for our business. I will be using it in every future engagement.
    EMEA Programme Manager
    Global Services Company
  • After many years of work in the field of remote and online coaching, I think the ProReal toolset has the potential to radically improve how this is done. I’m very excited to be part of the team steering its development.
    Professor David Clutterbuck
    Founder, David Clutterbuck Partnership
  • What do you do, when your preferred coach is in London and you are in Berlin? Jump on a plane? No! We at Leverton have used ProReal to overcome this problem. And it really worked!
    Reinhard Edelmann
    Chief Executive, Leverton GmbH
  • Wow coaching just got visual!
    Jackie Arnold
    Author, Coaching Supervision at its Best