The company’s mission is to create innovative and effective technologies which support those who work to improve the psychological well-being of others.

We bring the best of 3D gaming and immersive technologies to the mainstream, and base our designs on research and evidence-based practices.

Through the sophisticated use of avatars, symbols and cameras, the software helps people to represent how they experience their world, explore different perspectives and then visualise other options and futures.

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That’s fascinating work you’re doing. Exactly the kind of thing I was thinking and writing about many years ago. You do a very nice job of guiding people through the avatar experience. I liked the fact that the interface is simple enough for people to learn, and yet flexible with enough choices for people to tailor the experience to their needs.

Professor John Suler


To be outward-looking

  • The wellbeing of our Clients guides everything we do.
  • We thrive on collaboration with others particularly across national, cultural and other boundaries.

To be rigourous

  • We aim to make our work research & evidence based.
  • We promote safe, responsible and ethical use of the software.

To be bold

  • We work with difficulties and disturbance, so we try to have courage and perseverance when things get tough.
  • We like meaningful and commercial work.

To learn, always

  • We stay curious, we stay humble.
  • We pay attention to our relationships and to “process”, in and out of the business.
  • We love new insights – from clients, facilitators, collaborators and even ourselves!
  • We listen hard to other perspectives.
  • We share what we have learned.
  • We know that the best learning happens when we’re having fun.

To be trusting

  • We give opportunities to people, have belief in their abilities, and provide support if needed.
  • We really rate “self-direction”.



  • ProReal Ltd founded.
  • Early prototype development in conjunction with leading business school.
  • ProReal Coach Training programme developed.


  • ProReal Advisory Board formed.
  • ProReal shortlisted for British Interactive Marketing Award (B2B category).


  • NHS England/Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Phase 1 Research completed.
  • ProReal Healthcare Conference at London’s Science Museum.


  • European e-coaching pilot.
  • SBRI Phase 2 Research and Development project (young people).